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The Aula Medica spreads out like an ancient amphitheater. It breaks with the tradition of brick buildings on the Karolinska Institute’s Solna Campus. Inside, the auditorium itself unfolds, fanning out with slightly rounded corners.

It is a natural place for people to gather—as close to the center of the action as possible. A place where everyone can hear, see, and learn. A structure of leaning walls and huge trusses. The form peeks out over the connecting walkway and Solnavägen to the east.

The façade is applied to a structural framework of wood, like a woven basket whose openings have been filled with thousands of insulated glass panels. Each one of them unique. The members are shaped by a computer-guided router from Austrian pine that gives the interior spaces their distinctive character. The darker stairs and floors are made of smoked oak, while in the heart of the building, the column-free auditorium, the woodwork is brightened by a white glazing.

Right outside the auditorium there are sunny, spacious lobbies. In addition to conference rooms, offices, and lecture halls, there are also spaces for exhibition, café, and restaurant.

The outer shell incorporates different types of glazing – opaque, transparent, and colored –to satisfy all the environmental and indoor climate requirements. Together they form a kind of festive, formal attire worthy of the ceremonies held in the building. The Aula Medica serves its functional purpose for being on the site. It is a meeting place for the academic community, but also a link between the university and the world around it.

Category Public
Location Nobels väg 5, Stockholm
Client Akademiska Hus Stockholm AB
Size 13 700 sq m
Year 2001 - 2013
Team Gert Wingårdh
Jonas Edblad
Andreas Henriksson
Viktoria Wallin
Ronja Saxberg
Birgitta Stenvaller
Sara Helder
Helena Toresson
Björn Nilsson
Robert Hendberg
Kjell Nord
Jannika G Wirstad
Guisli Benito
Josefine Kastberg
Per Odebäck
Filip Rem

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Aula MedicaAula MedicaAula MedicaAula MedicaAula MedicaAula MedicaAula MedicaAula Medica