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Beneath a grid of wooden beams, travelers find shelter from weather and wind as well as a chance for a moment’s rest and reflection. Two great roofs together cover an area 160 meters long and 10 meters wide.

Transverse bearing walls carry four layers of glulam beams that support a roof of glass. Creating corbelling by gradually stacking beams is traditional in Asian building. Always in balance.

This may be a bus stop, but it doesn’t exactly feel like we’re standing still. Our perception of the roof above is continually changing. On sunny days, the structure enlivens the platform with a pattern of light and shadow, and on dark evenings its glowing light offers an entirely different experience. In cold winter conditions, the integrated heating keeps the ground dry and the travelers warm.

Even the structure itself will be transformed over time: the building’s untreated wood will age in the same way that all the other rain-protected wood does in the Västerbotten region—it will darken or turn gray, depending on the location.

Beneath the roof are benches made from solid, heavy lumber. Travelers will find a place to sit out of the wind behind walls of glass or wood, a place to find a moment of peace either alone or in the company of others.

Category Infrastructure
Location Vasaplan, Umeå
Client WSP Sverige AB
Size 960 sq m
Year 2015-2018
Team Gert Wingårdh
Alexandra Pripp
Erik Revellé
Stefano Mangili
Anna Söderberg
Jennie Boija

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