Water Tower

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Our water tower turns the classic form inside out. Instead of a compact tower, we open it up by making the outer shape create a space on the inside, surrounded by a broad, elevated ring ninety meters in diameter.

From a great distance it appears monolithic, a solid disk hovering over the landscape and the treetops. As one approaches, the inside starts to dominate.

Upon stepping into the middle of this ring, the building transforms entirely. It encircles us in an embrace so grand it could hold a football field. What was first an object is transformed to become a place. What can happen inside this ring is limited only by the imagination. The austere idiom, the pure geometry, and the incomprehensible dimensions create a monument that is hard to locate precisely in time.

Seven thousand tons of water. Pumps straining, lifting every drop to the top of the basin. Water molecules tumbling around, passing through plates with holes where the pressure builds. They swirl around one another, getting pulled into the dance. The water cannot be allowed to stand still and become stagnant. Continuous movement.

Form, height, and gravity working together, joined to create an elemental force that can provide society with the one thing that can keep it alive: water.

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