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There is no reason to limit yourself—sometimes less is more, sometimes it’s not. You could tattoo a chair. Why not? Of course you could.

Decorating the body has many meanings. It could be about memories, grief, dreams, pain, or love. The Tattoo Stool, like any person, has multiple dimensions. Its signature, though, is genuine craftsmanship. It is one of several collaborations with the Bosnian firm of Zanat, a family company that has been around for four generations and has become known for their special carving technique. Their collaboration with Wingårdh Architects is part of a new investment to highlight, preserve, and develop that work. But it is also intended to train young craftspeople and expand job opportunities in the region.

The stool’s construction is clear: the legs cut through the seat, creating a distinctive design and giving it stability. The silhouette of the leg, shaped like a stiletto heel, provides more material to carve.

The ornamental patterns can be traced to traditional Swedish kurbits painting and to the ancient art of tattooing, but also to the feathers of a hen and a peacock’s display. The stool can be produced in a variety of different woods and heights, it can also be colored and produced in large, undecorated series.

Tattoo Stool is a sustainable seat with the potential for growth in terms of both form and execution, a union of Scandinavian design and Bosnian craftsmanship.

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