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A sprawling atrium is the heart and the pulse of this building. Pine-clad staircases overlook the three levels and link them together.

The building’s configuration cultivates a circulation pattern that inspires spontaneous meetings both on the stairs and on the landings between floors.

Centiro’s headquarters just west of Borås is a white building elevated on columns, its silhouette sharp. A building that exudes functionalism but does not shout about it. Inside is a growing, urban company that needed more space to accommodate new employees and new clients. The desired expansion has been achieved in a series of phases designed by Wingårdhs. Building number two was completed in late 2017, doubling the office’s floor area so that it now accommodates three hundred employees.

Here there are three different kinds of meeting rooms, varying in size and degree of complexity. On the ground level is a restaurant for visitors, on the second a variety of staff meeting places, and on the third-floor office level a series of conference rooms. Of course there is a yoga room, a gym, and spots for recreation as well. Only one-third of the total floor area is devoted to actual workstations.

The hexagonal form of the atrium recurs in several places throughout the building, including the pattern on the wall of the entrance lobby and the trays in the restaurant. A closer look at these trays reveals a theme that recurs elsewhere in the building, a personal touch and a nod to company founder Niklas Hedin’s interest in Star Wars. There are bathrooms named after Yoda, meeting rooms with quotations from the famous films, and collector’s items representing several classic Star Wars characters.

The keywords here are spontaneous, young, and vital – a workplace of the future. This is a place to work, to eat, to interact. Full of large, open, brightly lit areas. Green and close to nature but at the same time urban. Unpolished but friction-free. All of these contrasts work together to form a dynamic whole. The result is a place that creates the conditions for innovation without distraction—a workplace that, like its occupants, never looks back.

Category Workspaces, Inside
Location Vevgatan 6, Borås
Client Centiro Solutions AB
Size 3 800 sq m
Completed 2017
Team Gert Wingårdh
Maria Ivarsson
Susanne Flinck
Therese Ahlström
Frida Wallner
Aron Davidsson
Peter Ejvegård
Madeleine Müller
Malin Mattsson

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