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Along Route 40, a triangular white building rises up out of the ground like a slice of cake.

The sharpest corner points south, cleaving the rays of the sun as they bathe the building in light. At the same time, the sky and the line of the horizon are reflected in the enormous glass façade, making this precise, jewel-cut wedge appear almost transparent.

In the heart of the textile-manufacturing city of Borås, the international fashion chain of Gina Tricot needed a new headquarters. The building would have to capture the company’s monochromatic profile and satisfy its desire for a brightly lit and energy-efficient place to work. And that’s exactly what they got: a radiant white building, a green workplace.

The building is veiled in a perforated raster that looks white from the outside and black from the inside. It prevents overly inquisitive eyes from penetrating into the secretive world of fashion design while allowing the building’s occupants to comfortably gaze onto the surrounding landscape and to the horizon beyond. At the same time, it saves energy by reducing the solar heat gain on the building.

The workplaces inside are spacious, with large white worktables and a glossy white ceramic floor. The triangular floor plan provides a generous supply of daylight for the large studios. When the sun breaks through, it’s just like being in an airplane as it passes through the clouds, and it’s only natural that the common living room on the top floor is the first to witness the spectacle.

Throughout the course of the day the building continues to play with the light. Shadows and reflections chase each other across the façade, switching roles as the lighting conditions change. It is a constantly changing performance that can follow along as well as leading the way—just like the people inside.

Name Gina Tricot
Category Workspaces
Location Teknologgatan 2, Borås
Client Fastighets AB Brodal
Size 8 000 sq m
Completed 2011
Team Gert Wingårdh
Maria Ivarsson
Jacek Zalecki
Wanda Zubillaga
Johan Wegbrant
Lennart Gullberg
Taito Lampinen

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