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When the sun sets over Munksjön, colored glass fills the lobby with a stirring, atmospheric light.

Its warm tones mingle with the excited din of people emerging from the coat check and ascending the steps to find their seats.

The culture center Spira in Jönköping (meaning spire or sprout) is a place where people, music, and the theatrical arts come together—a building where both musicians and actors can get close to their audience. Here all of the stages and concert halls lie on the same level as the middle of the auditorium. That makes the best seats in the house accessible to all, but it also makes it possible to build up a stage on which the action can play out in the heart of the space.

The building normally hosts Småland Music & Theater’s established ensembles in four different concert hall venues. With its billowing forms, this cultural center almost seems to move in time with the wind. Located in downtown Jönköping, the building was designed to be a space that could be shared by musicians and audience alike. With its adjustable walls and ceiling, the building’s acoustics can be adapted to suit the number of people in the audience. The spaces are lined with panels of American maple, their forms suggesting the same spiral movement that animates the building as a whole.

The lobby wriggles along the façade overlooking the waterfront. It starts big but soon draws together where the balcony staircases meet. The other side of the space has a more intimate character: while the lobby’s first space is an accelerando, its second is a rest.

Category Public
Location Kulturgatan 3, Jönköping
Client Landstingsfastigheter AB
Size 15 000 sq m
Completed 2011
Team Gert Wingårdh
Jonas Edblad
Andreas Henriksson
Aron Davidsson
Therese Ahlström
Viktoria Wallin
Peter Öhman
Ingrid Alerås
Claes Berglöf
Sara Helder
Foued Hajjam
Björn Nilsson
Dan Danielsson
Josefine Kastberg
Anna Palm
Victor Alm

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