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Teatergatan runs parallel to the grandest boulevard in downtown Gothenburg, Avenyn. It has long been overshadowed by its broader and more sumptuous neighbor, but has now been given a change of costume.

Two city blocks have been redeveloped in phases. The low-rise buildings have been demolished and taller new ones now line the street. Two stories have become eight, the number of apartments has more than doubled, and new office and retail space has been added to the neighborhood mix.

The buildings here have historically functioned like carriage houses or outbuildings for the opulent residences on the nearby grand Avenue. But these days Teatergatan can hold its head a little higher, with new buildings that meet the old in a perfectly natural way. The modular building, with its projecting balconies, is made from the same red brick found at the Röhsska Museum a few hundred meters away. A little further along the street, the bright aluminum façades blend in well with the adjacent buildings.

The design combines apartments with retail—neighborhood eateries, wine bars, cafés, and vintage shops. There is room for all, from art students to young entrepreneurs to families who have lived here for decades.

Here new architecture has transformed backstreet into Main Street. Teatergatan’s new costume is a sustainable urban infill project with a soul. Or, as one of the architects put it, “Here is where I want to live!”

Name Teatergatan
Category Urbanism, Housing
Location Teatergatan, Göteborg
Client Wallenstam AB
Size 6000 sq m (shops, offices) 3000 sq m (housing)
Completed 2017

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